Universal casing

Universal casing

Price, rub./m
500 m
from 550 to 1000 m

from 1050 to 5000 m
from 5050 to 10000 m 10,000 m
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The company "Artkomplekt" makes Universal casing PVC for the sloping panels of window systems, which is a universal finishing element for finishing the internal window slopes.

A distinctive feature of our casing is ease of installation.

Together with a universal trim or you can use almost any material: Facing PVC panel, sandwich panel, or drywall. Installation is carried out in the casing screws or dowel plug directly into the wall, and the lid is easily inserted into the casing snap.

We place great emphasis on feedstock quality . Experienced chemical engineers constantly monitor its quality, if necessary, making changes in the composition to obtain the desired properties.

Universal casing from "Artkomplekt" does not break in the cold in the process of installation and operation.

High quality, practicality, high strength and durability

Universal casing Universal casing The drawing produced casing

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